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EFT Tapping for Emotions with Infertility

by Trisha Han

Emotional Freedom Technique tapping for Stress and Anxiety related to Infertility

  • Combine tapping on energetic acupoints and cognitive behavioral therapy. 
  • Start with SI3(hou xie) followed by BL2(zan zhu), Gb2(tong zi Liao), St2(si bai), Du26(Shui Gou, Renzhong ). Ren24(cheng jiang), Ki27(shu fu), Sp21(Da Bao), Du20(bai hui) in sequence.
  • Start tapping Si3 with positive affirmation three times.
  • “Although I feel emotional such as anxious, worried , unsettled, scared, angry, sad et al, I completely deeply accept myself and how I feel”.
  • Acknowledge our feelings while tapping along
  • At the last point tell ourselves to let go of the feelings and worries.
  • Tap several rounds until relaxed
  • EFT Tapping for Emotions with Infertility, Mother Nature‘s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs in Austin, TX

How to Maximize the effect of Tapping

  • Drink water to keep hydrated
  • Put favorite music on or follow the tapping meditation
  • Measure stress anxiety or pain level at scale of 1 to 10 before starting
  • Take deep breath and close eye to internalize energy
  • Do minimum three rounds up to 15 minutes for each session and two sessions per day
  • Be persistent for six days to see significant result
  • Enjoy as a bed time routine or whenever stressed

Research Evidence on EFT

  • Four to six one hour sessions are required to help PTSD patients to reduce PTSD measurement score to non clinical level(Church&Feistein, 2017).
  • Only 14% of 49 veteran exceed PTSD measurement score after 6 one hour sessions of EFT and the effects lasted at six month follow up beyond post treatment(Church &Feinstein, 2017).
  • A system Review concluded that acupressure point tapping part play a very important and active role and contribute to the efficacy of EFT protocol and the effect of EFT tapping lasted at six month follow up assessment (Church, Stapleton, Yang &Gallo, 2018).