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Five element moving like a tree in Spring to help balancing hormone, benefiting endocrine system and lymphatic system.

by Trisha Han
  • Starting your favorite music, standing tall like a tree and breathing like a tree.
  • Lifting hand up to the air , holding together, and swaying side to side to work on GB and Liver M for 2 minutes; opening hands , fingers splitting and stretching hand and swaying from side to side for 2 minutes( to wake up Jing Well and Shu wood points). 
  • Circling the wrist in both ways, clockwise and counterclockwise to simulate all the yuan earth points on yin Meridian and Jing Metal River points on Yang meridian ( wrist reflect neck, pelvic )Can swaying from side to side. (2 minutes)
  • Twisting your arm and wrist inward and outward to move elbow, upper arm and shoulder.
  • Be a tree full of life and hope.