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80% of Gynecological Illnesses can be Treated with Regulation of Menstrual Cycle

by Trisha Han

80% of gynecological illnesses are caused by irregular menstrual cycles. If the menstrual cycle can be regulated, then many of these gynecological illnesses would disappear by themselves. Ignoring menstrual irregularities is not smart, as they may cause many unforeseen problems later on in life. Some common menstrual problems include menstrual cramps, bloating, headaches, spotting, back pain, and irregular cycles, etc. If these problems are recognized early on and are treated without delay, they are not difficult issues to deal with.

In treating menstrual problems there are three organs that must be focused on: the liver, spleen and kidney. There are two important acupuncture points that, if applied pressure to daily for a couple of minutes, may be extremely beneficial in regulating menstrual cycles and getting rid of the painful symptoms.

1. The “San Yin Jiao”

San Yin Jiao is, from a gynecological standpoint, a panacea. It’s a remedy for just about any female-related illness, so it’s one whose abilities and importance we must value. The point has a two-way effectiveness; in other words, it can act as both a channel and an absorber, and can either evoke circulation of the blood or slow it, depending on an individual’s physique. It is very easy to find on the body, located around 7 centimeters above the inner ankle. To find the exact point, feel around the area for a spot of sensitivity.


2. The “Ci Liao” Point

This point is located at the base of the spine, and it is also a very important point when it comes to treating gynecological illnesses. As long as there’s a problem with the female reproductive system—no matter if it’s located in the uterus, ovaries, etc.—this spot will be sensitive when applied pressure to. If this point is massaged frequently, the pain around the point will gradually lessen and disappear, and the corresponding illness will also go away.


The points above are very effective external methods in curing gynecological illness; if the body’s internal cycles are regulated as well, the results will be even better. How to regulate these internal cycles then? You can take herbal medicines such as Free and Easy Wanderer, or Free and Easy Wanderer Plus (ask a local practitioner about these medicines). These two medicines are extremely helpful in getting rid of menstrual problems or illnesses causes by menstrual irregularities. It is effective in treating 70% or more of gynecological illnesses.

Free and Easy Wanderer Pills, just as the name suggests, promotes energy and raises spirit, eliminating depression. Many gynecological illnesses and reproductive problems are directly related to emotional stress and spiritual well-being.

What’s the difference between Free and Easy Wanderer Teapills and Free and Easy Wanderer Plus? The answer lies in the “Plus”. Free and Easy Wanderer Plus was created on the basis of Free and Easy Wanderer, with an addition of several herbs to reduce internal heat and relieve inflammation.

If you find that you are easily agitated or upset, often are thirsty and like to drink cold beverages, you should take Free and Easy Wanderer Plus. If you don’t like to drink water and are not often thirsty, it’s better to take Free and Easy Wanderer.

In general, you should begin taking the herbs 3 or 4 days before menstruation, and stop taking the herbs temporarily once menstruation begins. If you feel comfortable with the herbs, it’s okay to take them for an extra two days. By taking these herbs, you will feel that your menstruation period passes smoothly and without incident.

There are several other medicinal regulating methods that also give pretty good results:

Because menstruation uses up a lot of the body’s energy, after menstruation many people will feel light-headed and weak, having symptoms such as a sore back or leg pain. This problem is easily solved. When menstruation is just about to end, take Liu Wei Di Huang teapills. People who easily get cold can take Shi Quan Da Bu teapills as an alternative, because this can prevent a weak body and energy deficiency.

If spotting occurs, it’s often because the spleen is weak or has weak circulation. This problem can be solved by taking Bu Zhong Yi Qi teapills and eating Chinese red dates/jujubes. During menstruation, you can also take San Qi in powder form and Ba Zhen. People who get cold easily can also add some brown sugar while taking the herbs.

If you are not familiar with Chinese Medicine, please ask a local practitioner/acupuncturist about the herbs. As long as you follow the above methods, I’m sure your gynecological illnesses will be solved.