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Trisha’s Ability to Heal
by Mark A.

I have always hated going to the doctor because I pay my copay and then I hear what I already know and then I am given a prescription. I have never felt better after leaving the doctor’s office, but that is not the same experience that I have after seeing Trisha. After seeing her I always feel better than I did when I went in. Trisha is also one of the sweetest persons I have ever met! She totally cares how I am feeling. Thank you so much Trisha.

Liked: Trisha’s Ability to Heal

Healed my Heel
by Wini

I was having pain in my achilles due to running/working too much. But I had to keep working! I knew that I only had a few days to get better and not a lot of money. I called Trisha and she was able to see me the same day. When I got to the office I was limping so badly that it was taking me twice as long to get from point A to point B. I went in on a Wednesday knowing that I had to work all day on my feet on Saturday. Trisha was great. She listened to me and was able to intuit the source of the problem even though I was only describing one symptom. She treated me for ALL my ailments all at once. The first visit was only $75, I think and she included ointment and patches to wear at work. Because she was going out of town that following weekend, I went in for a follow up — just to be sure. I was so worried that I would re-injure myself at work on Saturday but by the time I arrived at work, all the pain was gone. Trisha has a calm energy and really genuinely wants to help people through her practice. Since then she has helped me with stress induced problems, exhaustion and now she is helping me with migraines. For a while she was offering a 4 package deal for $200. That comes to $50 per treatment and it is SO worth it.

Trisha is an excellent healer!
by Rralaniz ‎

I have been seeing her weekly for IBS issues and other issues. She has done a tremendous job in pin pointing my areas in need of attention and has always been very detailed on her treatments, herbal supplements and always provided her attention to my concerns. I have had acupuncture from several others and was not 100% satisfied, I am glad I found Trisha and would highly recommend her to anyone. – Rosemary

Relieve my chronic back pain
by Valerie

I suffered from chronic back pain for two years following an injury. Trisha and the office staff were cautious and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. It was very easy to make the first appointment, and Trisha was able to provide immediate relief. I highly recommend her! Valerie

Trisha is a wonderful healer for my digestive complaints
by Kathy

Trisha is a wonderful healer. She has been working with me on my digestive complaints for the last eight months and has helped me enormously. I continue to visit her clinic twice a month. It is always an enjoyable, relaxing experience. She is always attentive and I never feel as though she’s rushing to get to her next patient. I will continue treatments with Trisha well into the future, if for nothing other than relaxation. I recommend Trisha to anyone interested in alternative medicine. – Kathy

Help with my chronic shoulder pain
by TC ‎

I have chronic shoulder pain for years due to my work requires sitting in front of computer all day long. I visited Trisha from one my friend’s recommendation and have been over a year. She listens to my problems and not jumps into conclusions. She is very patient with me and tries to explain what causes my pain and even teaches me some simple ways to improve my health and relief my pain. In addition, during my visits, she never rushes. She always spends as much time as she could to care for me. I have built up a routine over a year that visiting her weekly so that my pain will not get worse. I highly recommend Trisha Han’s services to anyone and everyone.

Trisha is both a skilled practitioner and astute diagnostician
by Dylan

Her office environment is professional, but soothing. She has treated my muscular/skeletal issues with great care and success. I highly recommend her practice. – Diane S.

Healing Eczema
by Markus

We can only recommend Trisha for healing eczema. My 8 year old son had severe eczema. We had gone with him through allergists, dermatologist, pediatrician and the only help we got was medication and medicated lotion which did not help at all! After visiting Trisha for a few months now, my son’s eczema is much much better. We have his skin under control without any medication. Trisha was very good in talking to me (on her own free time) about necessary changes in my son’s diet, she had great tips on what teas to make for him and gave him herbs. We can’t thank her enough to finally have our son off all medication and have his skin look better than ever!!! My friends are all amazed that my 8 year old will “endure” acupuncture. Trisha built a trust with my son. He is totally fine with acupuncture! If you have a child with eczema, please go and see Trisha! You won’t regret it!

Two sessions in three days to eliminate the pain and swell in my ankle
by Swparker

I give Trisha a high five!! I went to see Trisha on several occasions. First, in 2005, I sprained my ankle from playing basketball. I went to see Trisha the next day after the incident. It took two sessions in three days to eliminate the pain and swell in my ankle. From then on, I became a believer of acupuncture because it usually takes me about two to three weeks to heal if I don’t do any treatment. Then, recently, I had a bad diarrhea which made me very weak physically. Trisha did acupuncture on me and gave me some herbs to take. In addition, she advised me to drink ginger tea every day, not to eat dinner too late and too much, not to drink cold or iced drinks. I followed her advice exactly because I was so eager to get rid of the diarrhea. It took about three or four sessions to stop the diarrhea. Then Trisha suggested (and I followed) to continue the treatment for another two weeks to get back the energy I lost due to diarrhea. She is very detailed and really care about you. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Caring Acupuncturist that produces results!
by Jamie

Dr. Trisha Han always goes above and beyond and she truly cares about her patients. I have seen her off and on during this past year and today (Saturday) I called because my back went out. I left a message assuming I would hear from her on Monday. She called me back within the hour and although she was only working in the morning, she came back to work for me in the afternoon (on a Saturday) because she knew I was in pain. I feel much better already and it means so much to me that she goes out of her way for her patients. She has the heart, expertise, inner knowingness and commitment that makes her an excellent healer.

RSD Treatment for 9 Yr Old Girl
by a Google User, Sherry‎

My daughter (age 8 when we started) went to various doctors and through very painful tests for diagnosis of extreme pain in her foot. After months of pain and numerous doctors, we tried Trisha. Ms. Trisha diagnosed my daughter within 3 min of initial consultation. Something no doctor had done before. My daughter then 8 was scared of all the needles. Ms. Trisha was very gentle, informative, and actually cared. It’s been almost a year now since our first treatment. My daughter is now 9 and has been diagnosed with RSD in her foot. Without treatment, she probably would have never recovered as well as she has. My daughter now asks to go. She is on her way to recovering and can now enjoy life as a child! I highly recommend her and do so daily. From this experience, my daughter has taught others (Girls Scout demonstration) about her condition and treatment. She wants to study the human body one day because of her experience with Ms. Trisha. From a child’s viewpoint, she still can’t figure out why it took doctors “with all their books and knowledge” so long to figure out what took Ms. Trisha only 3 minutes! It works amazingly.—- Sherry Lewis

100% better after only two treatments
by Ingchug

Kelsang Ingchug: Trisha Han is an excellent diagnostician and an excellent doctor. I feel 100% better after only two treatments. A dear friend recommended Dr. Han to me and I am most grateful to them both. Through Trisha’s kindness, I have freedom from constant pain and lack of strength in my hand and have an over all feeling of greater balance and physical and mental well being. Thank you for your great kindness. Kelsang Ingchug

Foot pain went completely away
by a Google User

Thank you Trisha For many years I had foot pain from an old jogging injury, as well as pain from bunions. I first visited a podiatrist, and received a prescription for a painkiller which only gave me temporary relief. When I stopped taking the medication, the pain returned. Eventually, I found Trisha. After about a month of visits, I started to notice results, and eventually, the pain went completely away. I have now been her patient for over 6 years. She is very caring and knowledgeable. I very strongly recommend her.

Trisha has been a life saver to me!!!
By a Google User

Trisha has been a life saver to me!!! After almost a year of doctor visits, specialists and another prescription (which I didn’t want to take), I went to see Trisha. I’ve had digestive problems, back pain and much too much stress. Trisha has alleviated my pain and has helped me tremendously with acupuncture and chinese herbs! She truly heals!

Acupuncture re-set my life
By Ben

The Best in the West After I leave an appointment, I feel like the acupuncture re-set my life.. Great for everything and anything that one needs to be centered in their life.

 Yelp Reviews:

Jenea T. (Austin, TX)
Trisha is very experienced and knowledgeable. She was helpful in treating some of the issues I was having. Her office is comfortable and the treatment rooms were relaxing and comfortable as well.

I was reluctant to review Trisha, because frankly I want to keep her a secret all to myself!

Christine L. (Austin, TX)
I’ve been receiving acupuncture for several years, under different practitioners, and what makes Trisha stand out is her thoroughness. She really takes the time to talk to me and examine my pulse and vitals during each visit. She takes a lot of time and care in placing needles, and I’ve noticed that she places about 25% more needles than other practitioners I’ve visited. It’s not unusual for her to spend 20-30 minutes talking with me, examining me, and then placing needles.

She’ll also sometimes tack on other services at the end of the visit, such as moxibustion, cupping, or ear needles. She will also occasionally make dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Just yesterday, she told me about her favorite skin cream and where to buy it!

Considering how affordable her prices and packages are, I really feel that I am getting more than my money’s worth and that I’m being well taken care of.

When I was away at college in NYC, I found pain relief only through acupuncture. It was a last resort for treating my TMJ pain and migraines, but I should have made it a first resort.

I recently moved back to Austin. My jaw pain had returned (on the other side this time), and I knew this time to skip the ibuprofen, night guard, massages, etc. and to go straight for acupuncture.

Johanna A. (Austin, TX)
There is no doubt that Trisha resolved my TMJ issues. I continue to see her weekly for other issues. The treatments have been relaxing and effective, so much that I look forward to getting needles poked into me each week. I highly recommend Trisha for her skill and genuineness!

Maya S. (Austin, TX)
I encourage everyone who has been treated by Trisha to leave reviews for her here on Yelp — she is just so deserving of great reviews! I originally found Mother Nature’s Acupuncture several years ago while reading reviews at that “other” popular review site, and sent my husband to her to be treated for severe eczema that spread over a large portion of his body. For us, acupuncture was our last resort at the time, having tried everything else you could possibly try for eczema — dermatologists, allergists, rheumatologists, and even homeopathic treatment. All of these things had not resulted in any success and my husband’s condition was debilitating. I cannot thank Trisha enough because after seeing her for a few months, his eczema began to clear and it was completely cleared up within a year and has stayed that way. He goes in every now and then for a general health session, but we know that we owe everything to Trisha. I have also started to see Trisha for stress management and sessions with her have helped immensely. I cannot say enough good things about her. I was skittish about acupuncture in the beginning but now I would recommend that everyone try it at least a few times — it is very good for many types of ailments and for general health and stress. Plus, Trisha is very good at what she does. She is very kind and caring, and takes the time to listen to you. I wholeheartedly recommend Trisha to anyone without any reservations. Oh — and her office is moving in a few weeks, to a place around the corner from her old location so be sure to call her and confirm her address if you are seeing her for the first time.

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