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October 1, 2013 Trisha Han HighlightsSelf-Help Topics

Everyone loves to sleep in, especially after the long 5-day workweek.  But many people, sadly, are unable to enjoy this small weekend luxury; instead they toss and turn, are awakened by nightmares or by the slightest sound. Sleepless nights are a kind of painful suffering for those who experience it often, and at times, it seems like a hopeless situation.  Western Medicine relies on a wide array of sleeping pills which cannot tackle the root problems. Chinese Medicine uses various herb formulas like Tian Wang Bu Xin; An Shen Bu Xin, Suan Zao Ren (Sour Date seed) etc, but you need to see an herbalist to find the best formula for you.

There is, however, a very simple secret to ensuring a sound, uninterrupted sleep for most people–it involves the Chinese Medicine method of cupping. You can simply do this at home by yourself.  If you don’t have a cupping kit at home, ask your acupuncturist to aid you in the following treatment.

You will need six clean cups from a cupping kit.

1) Zhong Wan Point: Place one cup about 7 cm above the navel, and suction it onto your stomach (refer to diagram below).

2) Qi Hai Point: 3 cm below the navel (diagram above).

3) The remaining four cups should be suctioned onto the top of your thigh, spread out evenly, along the Stomach Meridian (diagram below, in orange).

Keep the cups suctioned onto your skin for about 10 minutes, right before bedtime. When you take them off and go to sleep, you should feel calm and relaxed. This is because the cupping technique stimulates increased blood flow to the stomach area, aiding in digestion and consequently lessening the burden on the liver and other organs.  Most people will find this an incredulous concept, because the common belief is that insomnia is directly related to the brain or the heart. This belief is not incorrect; if your insomnia has an identified cause such as spinal cord injury, then this method may not be effective for you.  It is simply a general solution for relieving sleeplessness simply by yourself.

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