One Spoon (Stone) to Cure (Kill) Three Birds

October 2, 2010 Trisha Han AcupunctureMisc

First please forgive me for using the word “cure” instead of “kill”.  I love birds so much and never want to harm or kill any.

I have been working on a lady patient in her 20’s. She went to see me with TMJ pain with restricted motion. There are tender facial points along St6 and St7. Her pulse is thin and weak and the tongue is tender with thin coating and red spots on tip. Her face looks very pale. She experienced severe hair loss with patches. Also she experiences full mid cycle bleeding becasuse she has been taking birth control pills for years. From these symptoms, I can see that she has Qi and blood deficiency due to mid cycle bleeding and blood stagnation related to deficiency.

First I suggest that she should go see her doctor about sopping taking the birth control pills. Otherwise, in addition to the current problems, she may have a infertility issue later.  She listened and did stop the birth control pills and after a little while  her condition improved significantly. After five sessions she is no longer bleeding mid cycle and she can open the jaw wider without much pain.

When we treat a person, we have to check every aspects of their life carefully and find out the root reasons in order for the treatment to be effective.

I choose points LI4, ST6, ST7, ST43 or ST40 on Stomach and Large Intestine meridian which ran from head to extremities. Those two meridians are full of qi and blood, so stimulation of the points along the meridian can promote and generate more qi and blood.

Also I used LV2, LV3 on Liver meridian for tendon related problems and   SJ5, SJ17, SP6 for hormonal balance. She was also taking herbal formula like “Ba Zhen Wan or Gui Pi Tang” to tonify Qi and  blood.

I am really happy that she is enjoying better health without TMJ pain, hair loss and full mid cycle bleeding any more . I believe that she’ll have all her hair grow back soon. More importantly, she will be able to have babies when she want to. As you can see, if you find the root cause of problem(s), you can cure them all at one time – just like curing (killing) three birds using one spoon (stone). Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is just this magical and yet simple.

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