Antibiotics and Children’s Health – Advice from from an Austin Acupuncturist

May 28, 2014 Trisha Han Wellness & Prevention

After providing treatments to many young children aged 3 to 12 years old, I feel the need to write something about children’s health. Although they have different complaints, the underlying reasons are related to a weak digestive system and the demand of nutrition during growth.

When we think about children, think of the image of a tree in spring. They are constantly growing. When children grow, they need a lot of nutrition, just like a tree that requires water, sun and fertilizer. If they have a strong digestive system, the food they eat will provide nourishment, which supports their growth. Otherwise their immune system will be compromised and manifest as eczema, allergies, ear infections, and blood sugar problems.

In fact, the digestive system of a child is not as mature as an adult’s. So, as parents, we should take precautions to protect their digestion and eating habits. So, how can we do this?  First, start by making sure they are eating healthy and regularly. You can also support your child’s digestion by protecting against over-indulgence of ice cream and cold food items. Another very important, simple thing you can do to protect your child’s digestion is to limit frequent use or overuse of antibiotics.  The children I am currently treating for digestive and skin complications all suffer from the side effects of frequent use of antibiotics during their developing years.

Young children around 4 years old generally have a fear of needles.  So instead of using needles I use ear seeds, herbs and acupressure to help balance their body and support their digestive system. Children aged 7 years and older can accept several needles, cupping, and herbal remedies. In essence, children are more sensitive in this time of rapid growth, therefore, they need a more gentle treatment.  The use of acupressure, cupping and herbal formulas are effective, yet mild enough for their sensitive constitutions.


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