How to Stretch Your Legs to Improve the Health of Your Liver & Kidney System

February 1, 2016 Trisha Han Self-Help TopicsWellness & Prevention

Today let me introduce a simple exercise to help you strengthen your liver and kidney systems.

Method: See the linked video clip below:

Why is this exercise helpful? The answer is very simple. If you want any of your organs to be healthy and strong, you just need to channel your blood and Qi (energy) to the meridian that governs that organ. Look at the meridian chart and you can see that both the liver and the kidney meridians run along the inside face of our legs. When you stretch your legs sideways, these two meridians will feel the tension and get exercised and blood & Qi will be brought there. It is this simple.

Every one of us needs a healthy liver and kidney system. But who need this exercise the most? Certainly those who already have problems or likely will develop liver or kidney problems.

You may develop liver problems if you: 1) Easily get angry as anger hurts liver. 2) Drink too much alcohol. As most of us know, alcohol damages liver. 3) Take drugs routinely. This includes most medicines we take – prescribed or unprescribed. It has been proven that Drugs and chemicals can cause a wide spectrum of liver injury. Liver is the organ that transforms toxic chemicals into nontoxic chemicals to protect our body. Too much toxins will “overwhelm” and damage the liver. If you have any of the above three problems, please do this leg stretch exercise to keep your liver fit.

The following are signs of kidney deficiency: 1) Lower back pain (behind the kidney). 2) Knee and foot ache (especially the next day after you have sex). 3) Too much sex. 4) Loose teeth. 5) Ear ringing. 6) Hair loss. 7) Urinate too often. It’s too often if you need to get up to urinate more than twice each night.8) Night sweats. 9) Dizziness.

Look at the meridian chart more carefully, and you’ll see both the liver and kidney meridians run through the genital area. That’s why this exercise can improve your sex life. This is a natural, healthy and effective way.

Note: Be patient and don’t expect to see results tomorrow. There is an old saying: A thousand-mile trip starts from the first step. But if the first step is the right step, then it’s the last step.


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