The Food You Eat can Change Your Personality

December 3, 2012 Trisha Han Wellness & Prevention

When a person’s Yin-Yang balance is off, it not only affects the physical health, but also affects one’s personality and emotional state.  Generally, a person with Yang deficiency is nervous and easily frightened, always hesitant in their decisions.  A person with Yin deficiency is irritable and impatient, with an inclination for bad temper. Those with stagnant Liver Qi are often depressed; those with excessive Yang Qi are likely to be stubborn.  An old Chinese adage states, “Rivers and mountains are easily moved; personalities are never changed”.  Actually, one’s personality is a manifestation of one’s Yin-Yang balance within the body. And because Yin-Yang balance can be regulated through food, as mentioned in a previous blog, it means that the foods you eat can affect your personality.

So, instead of saying “Rivers and mountains are easily moved; personalities are never changed”, it might be better to say, “Personalities are easily moved; a person’s taste is never changed”.  People’s personalities are often determined by their palate, their dietary preferences and habits. If a person changed their dietary habits, their personalities will change with it.  I’ve seen many bad-tempered people who, after becoming vegetarian, slowly become more peaceable.  Why? Because changing their diets shifted their Yin-Yang balance to a more harmonious state.

It is important to choose food wisely to always maintain a healthy balance, because there is a direct correlation between dietary habits and personality.  For example, one only needs to examine the various regions of China to see this relationship–provinces like Hunan and Sichuan, where people eat spicy foods on a daily basis, throughout history have been more warlike and aggressive in nature than other provinces.

What is the healthiest type of diet, then?  The best kind would be a balanced diet, characterized by mild flavors.  Spicy and salty must be balanced by bland and sweet; sour foods must be balanced by bitter foods, and so on.  It is good to eat a little bit of everything, and to not be attached to solely one thing. This way, the Yin and Yang energy in the body can maintain a balanced and healthy relationship.


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