A Simple yet Critical Anti-Aging Exercise

November 1, 2019 Trisha Han HighlightsSelf-Help TopicsWellness & Prevention

After passing our middle age, many of us start to develop the following problems: hypertension, high blood sugar, heart problem, neck and back pain, insomnia, diabetes, prostatitis, arthritis, cold feet, etc. Many seniors will get dementia eventually. Is there any way to prevent/solve all these problems? The answer is yes and very simple, because all these issues share the same root causes: the various internal organs have developed coordination problems; the body loses its balance; Blood and Qi get stuck in the upper body and head and cannot circulate well to the legs and feet.

The exercise is called “Jin Ji Du Li”. It’s translated to “Standing on one leg with your eyes closed” in English. It was first introduced by ZhongLi Baren – the author of the best selling health book “Self Help is Better Than Seeking Doctor’s Help”. The book has been the best selling health book in China since it was first published in 2007. It has been reprinted 12 times within 6 months.

Method: stand on one leg with your eyes closed for two to three minutes, do this for each leg and practice daily. See the linked video clip below:


The key is “Eyes Must be Closed”. This way you’re using your brain and nerve system to help the organs balance with one another. There are 6 important meridians passing through our legs – liver,gallbladder, spleen, stomach, kidney and bladder meridians. Standing with a single leg, the weak meridian will feel sore while getting the required exercise. The corresponding organs of these meridians and their path ways will get the necessary tuning. This method can also help concentrate the awareness, and channel the body’s qi and blood to the feet.

As a beginner, you may find that you’re not able to stand on one leg for 1 to 2 minutes. This doesn’t mean you’re not healthy. Keep practicing and after a few days or weeks, you should be able to do it. However, after practicing daily for weeks and you’re still unable to stand for less than 10 seconds, it means you may have a 70+ year old body even though your real age may be younger than that.

In addition to the benefits mentioned at the beginning of this blog, this exercise can help improve our immune system and prevent dementia and accident fall. How many times do we hear some old people fall and break bones and have to live with a wheelchair for the rest of the life? If you don’t want this happen to you, start practicing “Standing on one leg”. (By the way, dementia means “severe impairment or loss of intellectual capacity and personal integration, due to the loss of or damage to neurons in the brain”).

However,  Rome was not built in one day. Don’t expect all your problems to be solved after practicing for one week or one month. But if you practice daily for up to 6 to 12 months, you’ll feel the difference. Many of you will feel so good that you want to practice this for the rest of your life and you want to share this with your families and friends.

Warning: If you’re 70+ years old or have bad knee or foot pain, you may not want to practice this as you may fall or overburden your knee and feet.

Please check our other videos for more helpful exercises – Under “Video” section.



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