Case Study – Miscarriage

April 15, 2012 Trisha Han Misc

Female. 28, married for 4 years, on birth control for 4 years. Off birth control for 11 months.

Chief Complaints:

Trying to get pregnant 2 months off birth control, got pregnant right away, but miscarriage in just 2 weeks.

Diagnosis & Differentiation:

Cycle for period is 30-32 days. Last 3-5 days with only one day heavy. First 1-2 days a lot of cramps on abdomen and lower back to 70%. Blood is dark with small clots.

Swollen tongue with not much coating. Pulse is weak on both side.  She looks thin and pale to me.  Her energy is good .  She easily feel cold especially with hand and feet.  Differentiation for her is blood deficiency and blood stagnation with some qi stagnation.


She had the first session right before ovulation.  The points used to course liver qi and invigrite blood and harmonize chong and Ren.The points used LV3, LI4, GB34, SP6, REN12, REN4, REN3, P3. Used moxa on SP4 and Ren12.  Formula used are Tao Hong Si Wu Tang and Gui Pi Tang.  She ovulated right after the first session .  She came back for follow up on day 21. The same points used and moxa on Sp4 and Ren4.  The third session she came back on day 29 with  positive pregnancy test.  Several more sessions to prevent miscarriage and to relieve morning sickness.

Suggested life style change, go to bed early to reserve liver yin and blood and drink warm liquid instead of cold icy  to warm up uterus.


Her pregnancy was good. Last week, she came to me for labor induction. The baby was born healthy next day after merely one acupuncture session.


Acupuncture is very effective to promote natural birth. Most of our labor induction cases take merely one or two sessions.

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