Case Study – Infertility

July 9, 2012 Trisha Han Misc

Female , 29 , mother of 15-month baby.

Chief Complaints: trying to get pregnant for several months and unsuccessful.

Other complaints: Feeling stressed and easily agitated; Low energy around ovulation and menstruation; Severe PMS symptoms; Severe cramps  with small clots, moody , anger,  fatigue  before and during menstruation; Digestion problems, hard to digest oily food , irritable bowel syndrome with abdominal pain, gastritis pain.

Diagnosis & Differentiation:

Pulse is weak on both side. Thin and wiry at liver area. Tongue is red with lack of coating.

Liver qi stagnation with liver yin and blood deficiency and spleen qi deficiency with deficiency cold


The first session is on day 5 right after period.  The acupuncture points used to course liver qi, tonify spleen qi and liver blood(P6, sp4, st36,ren12, sp15, ren3, lv3, sp6, K8).  Moxa on ren12 and sp4.

The second session and third is on day 10 and day16. The fourth session is on day 24th. Points are modified by adding local points st21, back points and back points BL18, Bl20, BL23.

Herb formula used: Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan; Xiao Jian Zhong Tang.

Suggested life style change: go to bed early to reserve liver yin and blood and drink warm liquid instead of cold icy  to warm up uterus.

Results: Pregnant after four sessions.

Note: This is a rare case of quick result for infertility. Most of our infertility cases took 3 months or more as most of them don’t have any babies before.

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