Two More Simple Exercises to Solve Many Health Problems

June 9, 2010 Trisha Han Wellness & Prevention

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about an exercise  – “Standing on one Leg” that can prevent/cure many problems like hypertension, high blood sugar, neck & back pain, diabetes, insomnia, prostatitis, arthritis, etc. However, some people, especially old people, or people with knee or foot pain, cannot stand on one leg for more than one minute. What should you do then? Here is a two-step exercise to help you channel your blood and Qi (energy) to your feet – Rub your stomach and walk on your knees.

Before we talk about the details and benefits of this exercise, let’s try to understand the principle behind this. There is a popular Chinese medical saying “Our legs age faster than ourselves.” It means “Leg fatigue is the first indication of our getting old”.   If you’re 50 + year old, do you realize that suddenly you’re reluctant to climb stairs and walk long distances? Have you suddenly realized that the way your spouse or your parents walk has changed – slow, dragging, and like old people? This indicates our blood and Qi cannot circulate well to our legs and feet any more. Our feet to our body are just like the roots to the tree. As long as the roots get enough nutrition, the tree is healthy. The same story, we’re healthy and fit as long as our feet get enough fresh blood and Qi. The feet getting fresh blood and Qi indicate that the blood and Qi is circulating well in our whole body. Fresh blood and Qi strengthens our immune system and is the natural cure to most of our diseases.

Now, step one: Rub your stomach. See the linked video clip below: (note: In the video it’s Zhongli Baren – a great health specialist in China)

As show on the video, you can use your finger, palm or fist to rub the stomach area – starting from the upper area to the lower stomach. If you find a spot that is hard and aching, that’s an energy-blocking spot. Keep rubbing the spot until they melt away or at least melt away a bit (Note 1).  If you hear a water sound when rubbing, it suggests the movement of accumulated impure water inside. Try rubbing more to get it out through urination; otherwise it causes headache, eczema or diarrhea when it travels to other organs. If you burp or release gas while rubbing your stomach, it is a good sign of ascending clear energy and descending impure energy inside your body. (Also, Eating foods that help “soothe energy” such as turnips, daikon radish and sweet potatoes are all good choices to help get rid of impure energy in your stomach.)

How often: do this for 15 minutes at every night before sleep. If you have more time, do this in the morning too.

Benefits: Help blood and Qi circulate to our lower body while dispelling impure gas, water and accumulated excreta. These three impure, toxic items attract germs and viruses just like garbage attracts flies and cockroaches. We’ll be naturally healthy as long as we keep our body free of these three (3) impure things.

Next, step two: walk on your knees. See the linked video clip below: (The speaker in the video is my model – Michelle).

Easy enough. But obviously, walk on carpet or a yoga mat, not hard floor.

How often: do this at least 15 minutes every night after rubbing your stomach.

Benefits: Channel your blood and Qi (energy) to your knees; After practicing for a few months, you may feel stronger knees and reduction or elimination of knee pain associated with arthritis. This is because your knees have been getting fresh blood and Qi; You’ll sleep better; Some people report weight loss due to the reduction of excessive hip and thigh fat. You can prove this by measuring your hip and thighs every 3 months.

Finally, Step three: Stand on one leg with your eyes closed. See my earlier blog on this topic. Again, if you have knee or foot pain, or if you’re 70+ years old and cannot stand on one leg long enough, this step can be omitted. After “rubbing your stomach” and “walking on your knee”, you can walk 10 to 15 minutes to help channel the blood and Qi all the way down to the feet. If you’re a healthy person, I encourage you practice all these 3 steps. Obviously the first two steps have additional benefits to the “stand on one leg” practice.

Trisha Han

Mother Nature’s Acupuncture (Austin, TX)

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