Simple Breathing Exercises to Cleanse Your Organs

May 1, 2018 Trisha Han Self-Help TopicsWellness & Prevention

Breathing is such a natural, involuntary act that often we disregard it as something insignificant to our health.  However, being closely aware of how our body respires is crucial to our physical and mental well-being.  For example, it is commonly acknowledged that during meditation, one must regulate breathing to achieve the state of calm desired.  The “om” syllable is used to create the environment necessary for the body to achieve peace.  Similarly, the different ways a person exhales is directly correlated with the functioning of various organs of the body.  This breathing method was introduced to China over 2000 years ago from India, and has the ability to cleanse the organs of disease.

See linked video below:

“Ho”–>the heart

“Hoo”–>the stomach

“Hwee”–>the liver

“Chway”–>the kidneys

“Hee”–>the Triple Burner (the endocrine system, esp. the thyroid, thymus and adrenal glands)

“Si (as in riCE)–>the lungs

The syllables themselves are meaningless; the key is in the aperture that the mouth forms when pronouncing these syllables.  Don’t read the syllable out loud–rather, whisper it and allow the air to flow through the aperture of the mouth formed by the syllable.

Many people believe that controlling the way one inhales is the key to the body’s well-being.  Actually, it is just the opposite–the key is in the exhaling.  The way one releases air from the body is closely associated with a calm, healthy state of the body and mind.  People who practice yoga and meditation often will know that this is true.

The breathing exercise should still feel like a natural process.  Simply inhale a specific amount of air, and then breathe out using the syllable formation until there is no more air left and you feel yourself involuntarily inhaling again. The air should flow naturally back to fill the lungs.  This process can be repeated many times.  Over time, this will not only help you feel calm and relaxed in daily life, but also will cleanse your organs and make your body feel more refreshed overall.


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