An Exercise for Stronger Kidneys and Longevity

July 3, 2015 Trisha Han Self-Help TopicsWellness & Prevention

The kidneys, in addition to their normal blood purification functions, store the vital energy (essence) for the body. Vital energy is essential to life itself. To the degree that vital energy leaves the body, the body slowly dies. To the degree that vital energy increases in the body, the body thrives. Kidneys are vital to every other organ system. If the kidneys are damaged, it’s like the foundation of a house is being weakened.

You may have kidney deficiencies if you have some of the following symptoms: ear ringing; deafness; foot or knee ache; lower back pain; night sweating; dizziness; loose teeth; hair loss; frequent urinating (especially at night); swollen eye lids (after you get up in the morning); dark circles around eyes; weakness in the legs. Mentally if you have more fear than before. For example, you were not afraid of driving when you were younger. Now you always fear other cars will hit you when you’re driving. This is an indication that your kidneys may be weaker than before.

Today let me introduce a simple exercise to help you strengthen your kidneys and accumulate more vital energies in the kidneys. See the linked video below:

Do the exercise persistently and gradually you’ll see the results! You will!


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