11 Tips to Stay away from COVID-19

April 13, 2020 Trisha Han Uncategorized

Dearest patient,

We are continuing monitoring the virus and giving you health updates on what you can do at home. Here are 11 tips you can do right now:

  1. ✅ Wash hands like you would when you just ate Maryland spicy crabs 🦀 and you have to take out your contacts 👁
  • ✅ Guzzle HOT water 💦 every hour. The virus hates high temperature. Hot water will weaken and flush the virus 🦠 down to your stomach where it is killed by your stomach acid.
  • ❌ Do not have dry throats. Constantly keep your throats moist.
  • ✅ Open your windows daily, change your air filters. Wash your sheets and blankets every week!
  • ✅ alcohol swipe your phone daily.
  • ✅ Load up on Dark foods such as eggplant 🍆 , beets, black beans. These foods boost kidney which is directly responsible for immunity.
  • ❌ don’t skip meals: 😣 this weakens your immunity.
  • ✅ Eat lots of berries, fruits 🍎 and cooked 🌽 so you have lots of vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Don’t just eat carb and protein!
  • ✅ Get some sun- ☀️ some research has shown those w vitamin D deficiency are more susceptible to the virus.
  1. ✅ sleep and rest well- this strengthen 💪🏾💪🏾 your immune and enables your body to fight the 🦠 .
  1. ✅ ✅ ✅ Do call our center anytime and one of our acupuncture practitioners will give you more tips and advice on more on how to stay healthy in this difficult time!

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