Compassionate “Confession” by a Doctor – Yes I stole Your Money

June 1, 2019 Trisha Han AcupunctureOriental Herbal MedicineUncategorized

This is the true story of an ancient Chinese doctor’s selfless act of kindness. Unfortunately I do not remember the doctor’s name or the time period in which he lived, so let’s just refer to him as the Doctor here. He was a great doctor known not only for his excellent ability to cure various […]


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Uremia – the Elusive Syndrome

November 1, 2013 Trisha Han Uncategorized

Uremia, in the medical world, is relatively uncharted territory–neither Western Medicine nor Chinese Medicine has made many advances in understanding it or finding a cure.  Because it is a syndrome usually accompanying renal failure, kidney dialysis is always an option, and kidney transplant is considered a last resort.  Most people are concerned with healing the […]



Cancer – The Rebellious Child of the Family

September 15, 2013 Trisha Han Uncategorized

In the past forty years, the most exciting discovery made in modern medicine has inarguably been the oncogene, or the gene linked to cancer.  At first, medical researchers were thrilled, because they thought they had discovered the key to curing cancer. Soon, however, they realized that the oncogene is present not only in cancerous cells, […]


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A Doctor with X-Ray Eyes

May 13, 2013 Trisha Han Uncategorized

About 2,500 years ago, China was divided into seven countries—Qi was one of them. Emperor Huan of Qi once invited the famous doctor Bian-Que to his palace as a guest. When Bian-Que saw the emperor, he studied his face for a moment and said: “Sir, you are ill. Right now it’s just under the skin. […]



Bring the Dead back to Life – A True Story of a Great Doctor

March 15, 2012 Trisha Han Uncategorized

Bian-Que (500 B.C.) is one of the most famous doctors in China’s history. He cured many illnesses that others regarded incurable. One of the most well-known stories was about how Bian-Que succeeded in curing the crown prince of the Kingdom of Guo of his fatal illness. According to the record, the prince of Gua was […]



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