Bring the Dead back to Life – A True Story of a Great Doctor

March 15, 2012 Trisha Han Uncategorized

Bian-Que (500 B.C.) is one of the most famous doctors in China’s history. He cured many illnesses that others regarded incurable. One of the most well-known stories was about how Bian-Que succeeded in curing the crown prince of the Kingdom of Guo of his fatal illness. According to the record, the prince of Gua was very ill and as he lay dying, the court physician could do nothing to help. Bian-Que was summoned to treat the prince. However, when he arrived at the palace he found the crown prince being prepared for the funeral.


Bian-Que went to the gate of the palace and asked an officer who had medical knowledge, “What kind of illness did your prince suffer from?” The officer answered, “The illness of our prince was that his Qi and Blood were against the seasons, confused and clogged. His vigor and spirit could not stop Evil Qi and Evil Qi accumulated and could not be expelled. That was when his pulses were Slow Yang and Rapid Yin.  This was the reason why suddenly his Qi flowed backward and he died.”
Bian-Que asked, “When did he die?”
He answered, “This dawn.”
Bian-Que asked, “Did they put him in a coffin?”
He answered, “Not yet. It hasn’t been more than a half day yet since he died.”
Bian-Que told him, “I am Bian-Que. Let me see if I can revive him.”


The officer first had suspicion about Bian-Que’s ability, and then let him in reluctantly after realizing there is no other choice to save the prince anyway.


After a short pulse examination, he knew that the prince had actually gone into a deep coma. He gave the prince acupuncture treatment to retrieve him and then applied compresses soaked in a decoction of herbs. One of the points he did acupuncture on is Bai Hui which sits on the crown of the head.

Within hours of Bian-Que’s arrival, the prince was able to get his feet. The prince was then prescribed herbal tea formula to be taken for twenty days, which helped him to fully recover.
Soon the rumors spread that Bian Que was a miracle doctor who could bring the dead back to life. Bian-Que said “No, I can’t bring the dead back to life, the prince wasn’t dead. I only woke up a person who still had the ability to survive”

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