How Dodder (Bunny’s Seed) was found to be effective for Back Pain?

May 3, 2011 Trisha Han Oriental Herbal Medicine

Dodder (bunny’s seed) is effective treating back pain, impotence, seminal emission, diarrhea, lumbago and insecure fetus. The following is the story how it was discovered.

A young man was hired by a farmer to look after his bunnies. Being a harsh task-master, the master warned the young man that the death of a bunny would cost him a quarter of his wages. This made the young man very nervous.

One day this young man accidently dropped a bamboo stick to a bunny and broke her spine. The bunny lay on the ground unable to move. The young man was afraid that his boss would find out, so he picked up the bunny form the ground and hid her in the field of soybean plants, where the poor bunny lay very still as if dying.

The farmer found out one bunny missing and demand the young man to find her. So the young man went to the field to bring the bunny back. To his surprise, the bunny was running around in the field. He chased after her for quite a while before finally catch her and put her back to the pen.

Then the young man intentionally broke another bunny’s back and brought her to the soybean field. A few days later, he found out that the bunny’s back had completely healed.

“How could this have happened?” he asked his father, who suffered from backache and had laid in bed for years.

“Maybe it’s the soybean plants?” mused the father.

The next day, the young man deliberately broke the back of another bunny and brought her to the field. But this time, he watched closely what the bunny ate. He found that the bunny was not eating the soybean plant at all, but rather the seed of s parasitic plant living on them. A few days later, the bunny recovered from her back injury.

The young man started to pick the seeds of this parasitic plant and decocted them for his father to drink; soon afterwards, his father’s backache was cured. The herb has been known as “Bunny’s seed” ever since.


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